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The Host City – Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart offers a contrasting blend of heritage, scenery and culture, with world class activities and attractions nearby. Nestled amongst the foothills of Mt Wellington, Hobart combines heritage charm with a modern lifestyle in a setting of exceptional beauty.

Hobart is Tasmania’s capital city and the second oldest capital in Australia, after Sydney. Located at the entrance to the Derwent River, its well-preserved surrounding bushland reaches close to the city centre and beaches line the shores of the river and estuary beyond. With its captivating history, picturesque waterways, rugged mountains and gourmet experiences, the city has something for everyone.


Hobart Weather

Tasmania has four distinct seasons with the warmest months being December to March. The average maximum daily summer temperatures are between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius and winter daily temperatures sit between 3 and 11 degrees Celsius.

In the month of October temperatures range between 8 and 18 degrees Celsius. We recommend you prepare for cool mornings and nights and bring plenty of warm clothes and layers. 

Places of Interest

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is one of the most popular attractions in Hobart, and with good reason. Rising 1270m high, snow can be often be seen covering the peaks, and the views from the summit are truly stunning. At this altitude the sky is often perfectly blue and clear, and you will have 360-degree views of surrounding Hobart and as far out as the sea. There is one road from the city centre to the top of Mount Wellington for car users, or you can catch a bus up to Fern Tree and then finish with a three-hour hike to the top. Wellington Park itself is beautiful, and there are many other trails and walks in the park where you can appreciate the wildlife and the park’s natural beauty. For those looking for more thrills, there are many other ways to see the park including horse riding, biking, four-wheel driving and rock climbing. Whatever way you decide to see Mount Wellington, make sure not to miss the most beautiful vistas in all of Australia.



Salamanca Place

Salamanca Place is a precinct of Hobart, home to rows of picturesque sandstone buildings. Built in the 1830s as warehouses, Salamanca Place was home to Hobart’s thriving industries. Nowadays, Salamanca Place is as busy as ever, but with tourists and locals rather than industry workers, as these old buildings have been converted into shops, boutiques, cafés, restaurants and art galleries. Find interesting and unique pieces of Tasmanian art in the galleries and shops, or enjoy a meal looking out on Salamanca’s historic waterfront. Set just behind the place is Salamanca Square, a more modern shopping experience where you can browse for high end fashion, and relax in one of the chic cafés. Be sure to come to Salamanca Place on a Saturday for the Salamanca markets, where you’ll find over 300 stalls showcasing the best of Tasmanian produce, arts and crafts, fashion, music, and more.

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Hobart TAS 7000